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Keith Ellison named to the Judiciary Committee.

Politics: Here we go, lets give Ellison a nice seat on the committee where he can wreck some havoc on terrorism laws.

WASHINGTON - Rep. Keith Ellison has been named to the House Judiciary Committee, a panel that has oversight over issues such as civil liberties, immigration and courts.
In a prepared statement Wednesday, Ellison, D-Minn., called the selection an honor and privilege.
"I look forward to pursuing a progressive agenda in the committee, including the restoration of American citizen's civil liberties that have come under increasing attack over the past six years," said Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress.
Ellison, a freshman lawmaker, said this week he'd like to see a ban on racial profiling, an issue that could come up in the Judiciary Committee.
Also Wednesday, GOP leadership named freshman Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann to the House Financial


Sectarian violence in Detroit. Sunni vs Shiites?

Culture: This is all we need is to bring that sort of mess over here as Detroit doesn't have a bad enough reputation.

Concerned about the possible spread of sectarian violence in metro Detroit, Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims are set to meet today in a Dearborn Heights mosque to hash out any tensions between the diverse Middle Eastern and Muslim communities.
As Iraqi-American Shi'ites seethed over the trashing of several of their businesses and mosques in Detroit over the weekend, leaders in the Shi'ite and Sunni sects of Islam worked Tuesday to try to defuse animosity between the two sides that has existed for years but was amplified with the execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in December.
There was some talk of reprisal attacks, but no more incidents were reported Tuesday. Detroit police are investigating the vandalism and are aware that Shi'ite-Sunni tensions may be involved, said Sgt. Eren Stephens, Detroit police spokeswoman. The FBI also is monitoring the situation, said Special Agent Dawn Clenney. One Sunni leader, Dawud Walid, spent long hours late Monday in a Shi'ite mosque, where he delivered a sermon urging unity. "It's important that Sunnis and Shi'ites come together," said Walid, head of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Moments after Hussein was hanged, Shi'ites and others celebrated in a public display in Dearborn that was televised around the world. The execution -- along with the cheering -- upset some local Sunni Muslims. They said it was disrespectful, especially since, for them, it came on the day of Eid-ul-Adha, a holy day.
Over the weekend, several businesses and mosques, including the Imam Ali Center, were vandalized and had their windows broken. At the Al-Rafedain restaurant, store employees said they had received two phone calls from a man speaking in Arabic and English. The caller cursed at the owner, noting that he was a Shi'ite, Walid said.


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Australia roiled by Hizb ut-Tahrir conference.

Australia: Via the Herald Sun.

THE Federal Government says it is powerless to ban a Muslim group calling for Australia to be taken over as part of an Islamic superstate. Attorney General Phillip Ruddock said today there was not enough evidence to ban the Hizb ut-Tahrir group despite its continuing call for Australia to become part of a Caliphate or "Khilafah". The group, already banned across the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Germany - will host a Sydney conference this month to promote an Islamic takeover. A conference advertisement posted on internet site shows crowds of Muslims marching, praying and protesting to dramatic and warlike music and explosions. In what appears to be a call to arms, the video features slogans attacking the United States and capitalism, and features militant anti-Western Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shaking his fist, before the slogan "embrace the revival" "The Muslim world has awakened from its slumber … and is ready to resume its political destiny. "From the darkness will emerge a new light," the video says.


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Illegal parents gets $25000 saving bonds from ToysrUs.

Politics: Here is the gist of the story.

New Yorkers and Asian-American leaders had reacted with outrage to the retailer's decision to disqualify the Manhattan baby from its 2007 first baby contest. "How does a company like Toys 'R' Us stick it to a baby on the first day of her life?" asked City Councilman John Liu (D-Queens). Yuki was born at the stroke of midnight at NYU Downtown Hospital - and at that moment she became an American citizen regardless of her Chinese parents' immigration status. Toys "R" Us had promised a $25,000 savings bond to the first "American" baby of 2007. Yuki beat out two other midnight tots in a drawing. But the contest's small print revealed the sweepstakes was open only to mothers who were "legal residents" so the prize was yanked - until Toys "R" Us caved to the criticism.
Until that point Toys R Us gave the prize to another baby that fit the rules, the grandmother was getting angry at the thought the prize would be taken away to give to illegal aliens.
But comments by Ms. Keller, the grandmother of the winning baby, hinted at the wrath that the company risked from the other side at a time when the most stringent critics of illegal immigration have called for an end to birthright citizenship, saying the children born to illegal immigrants are “anchor babies” who encourage illegal entry. “If she’s an illegal alien, that makes the baby illegal,” said Ms. Keller, 50. Told otherwise, she remarked, “Sounds like a double standard to me,” adding, “She was disqualified — that should be it. Don’t go changing your mind now.”
But in the end, they gave three babies the prize breaking their own rules and allow arrogance statements like this.
Yuki’s parents — Han Lin and Yan Zhu Liu, both 22-year-old restaurant workers — declined to be interviewed. But Albert H. Wang, a corporate lawyer who had mounted an e-mail campaign on the couple’s behalf, said that they were happy, adding, “I think justice has been done.” Some people were concerned that the parents’ status had been exposed, he said. “But the safest place is actually the eye of the storm,” Mr. Wang said, “and any politician who says we should deport the parents, it would be the end of their political career.”
In the end Toys R Us has no spine and the continued buckling of common sense and following rules of even a baby contest are subject to idiocy like this.


New Orleans crime rate skyrockets

Crime: They are looking at putting on a curfew.

With at least eight slayings in the city in the first week of the new year, officials are considering a curfew to help stem the violence, the police superintendent said Saturday. "It's something we're just sort of talking about, to see if that will make a difference," police Superintendent Warren Riley said. Mayor Ray Nagin, meanwhile, urged residents not to leave the city, still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, because of the recent killings. He said the slayings could be a tipping point that "galvanizes our community" to find solutions. Some residents have called for a march on City Hall on Thursday to demand action to curb the violence.


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UK Islamic preachers teaching hate in moderate mosques.

UK: I guess we go from Londonistan to Britistan. Check out the official who has his head in the sand.

A forthcoming Channel 4 Dispatches programme paints an alarming picture of how preachers in some of Britain's most moderate mosques are urging followers to reject British laws in favour of those of Islam. Leaders of the mosques have expressed concern at the preachers' activities, saying they were unaware such views were being disseminated. At the Sparkbrook mosque, run by UK Islamic Mission (UKIM), an organisation that maintains 45 mosques in Britain and which Tony Blair has said 'is extremely valued by the government for its multi-faith and multicultural activities', a preacher is captured on film praising the Taliban. In response to the news that a British Muslim solider was killed fighting the Taliban, the speaker declares: 'The hero of Islam is the one who separated his head from his shoulders.' Another speaker says Muslims cannot accept the rule of non-Muslims. 'You cannot accept the rule of the kaffir [non-Muslim],' a preacher, Dr Ijaz Mian, tells a meeting held within the mosque. 'We have to rule ourselves and we have to rule the others.' The 12-month investigation also recorded a deputy headmaster of an Islamic high school in Birmingham telling a conference at the Sparkbrook mosque that he disagrees with using the word democracy. 'They should call it ... kuffrocracy, that's their plan. It's the hidden cancerous aim of these people.' The Darul Uloom school said it no longer employed the teacher and that one of the reasons he resigned 'was the incompatibility of many of his opinions with the policies of the school'.
Of course the program is at fault before it even airs because it may harm relations.
Inside the Green Lane mosque in Birmingham, a preacher is recorded saying: 'Allah has created the woman deficient.' A satellite broadcast from the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, beamed into the Green Lane mosque suggests that Muslim children should be hit if they don't pray: 'When he is seven, tell him to go and pray, and start hitting them when they are 10.' Another preacher is heard saying that if a girl 'doesn't wear hijab, we hit her'. Another preacher says: 'The time is fast approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in the position of being uppermost in strength and, when that happens, people won't get killed - unjustly.' In a statement to Channel 4, Lord Ahmed, the convener of the government's Preventing Extremism taskforce, said he was worried about the programme's consequences: 'While I appreciate that exaggerated opinions make good TV, they do not make for good community relations.' A spokesman for Green Lane mosque said Islam does not denigrate women and that the instruction to hit a child was merely a smack. He accused C4 of intensifying the 'witch-hunt' against Muslims.


42% of babies born in California to illegals on taxpayer's dime.

Nation: That is just in 2004 at taxpayer expense and some of those who come here are getting angry they are paying for some services now. 40% born in San Diego county are too illegals.

NORTH COUNTY ---- A state report quietly released last spring shows illegal immigrants made up the largest single group of those giving birth at taxpayer expense in the state and in San Diego County in 2004. The May report, "Medi-Cal Funded Deliveries," states that of the 14,350 taxpayer-funded births in the county that year, 5,814, or 40.5 percent, were to illegal immigrants. That is an 18 percent increase over the 4,916 Medi-Cal-funded deliveries to illegal immigrants in San Diego County in 2001, as shown in an earlier state report.
Check this ungrateful nitwit who is getting care on our dime.
Silvia, a native of Oaxaca, Mexico, said Medi-Cal paid labor and delivery costs for both of her children, and added that she is frustrated that now she has to pay for their medical care and that she expected Friday's doctor visit to cost her $35. "I think they should pay," said the woman who earns $11 an hour at a local factory but receives no health benefits. "I buy things, I pay taxes." A few minutes later, a woman named Maria was leaving the clinic with her 6-year-old son and 5-month-old daughter. The 27-year-old native of San Luis, Mexico, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she is a single mom who struggles to survive by cleaning houses. She said she has lived in the U.S. for 13 years and is an illegal immigrant. Medi-Cal paid the delivery costs for her children, Maria said, adding that she is grateful for the help.
Thats nice, come here to have her anchor babies and then blasts them for actually having her pay for some services which she doesn't deserve in the first place.
San Diego County's 5,814 births to illegal immigrants in 2004 placed it third in the rankings of the 58 counties in the state. Topping the list was Los Angeles County, with 41,240, followed by Orange County, with 10,979 births to illegal immigrant mothers.
Brian Bilbray wants to end the birthright citizenship and opponents are unhappy of course.
Opponents to legislation that would remove the right to automatic birthright citizenship say that such a law would face constitutional challenges. They say the only way birthright citizenship will ever end would be through the approval of another constitutional amendment. And that is a much higher hurdle. A constitutional amendment can be made if requested by two-thirds of both houses of Congress or by the legislatures of two-thirds of the states. Then, the legislatures in three-fourths of the states would have to ratify such an amendment for it to become part of the U.S. Constitution. A spokesman for the San Diego-based, human-rights organization American Friends Service Committee said Wednesday it's easy to condemn illegal immigrants when looking at only one part of the picture. For example, many illegal immigrants use Social Security numbers that are made up or that belong to others. Money deducted from wages for Social Security is money the illegal immigrants will never see again, said Pedro Rios, San Diego office director for the Quaker organization. Illegal immigrants also pay sales tax every time they go to the store and other federal and state taxes every time they buy gasoline, he said. "These are all things that aren't being looked at," Rios said.
First off, everyone pays taxes on stuff at the store and when they buy gas, you want an award for paying a tax that you can't avoid? As for money deducted from the wages due to criminal fraud, consider that payment due to America for using services you should not be entitled too in the first place.
Like Vista Community Clinic doctor Wosk, Rios said that paying for pre- and postnatal care and delivery costs saves the taxpayers more money because it makes for safer, less-expensive deliveries and healthier babies and mothers, who are less likely to be a taxpayer burden further down the road. Bilbray said that such an argument simply shows that illegal immigrants are holding society hostage. "It ends up being an extortion game," he said. "Illegal immigrants are telling taxpayers, 'Either you pay for us now or pay us more much later,' " Bilbray said.
Exactly. Now these are 2004 numbers, imagine what they are today.


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CAIR official says Boxer caused death threat.

Politics: Even more fallout from Boxer taking away the guy's award.

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- The executive director of the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said he believes a death threat against him was fueled by Senator Barbara Boxer’s actions. Boxer had commended Basim Elkarra’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for the group’s efforts to improve relations between Christians, Jews, minority groups and the FBI. Her officer later rescinded the award after investigating an on-line report that accused Elkarra’s group of terrorist sympathies. While investigating the accusations, Boxer learned two former CAIR members were sentenced to prison for crimes related to terrorist groups, according to her communications director, Natalie Ravaitz. Ravaitz said CAIR had also refused to label Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations. Elkarra claims Boxer was misinformed and has caved into the rise of Islamophobia in the United Stated. "It empowers the extremists. Just recently we saw a video that came out, talking about open season on Muslims. It's all over the Internet and people are bragging about killing Muslims. This has to stop. It's unacceptable. Islamophobia is real, it's here and we have to make sure our elected officials speak out against it."
As pointed out by HOT AIR and LGF, yet another lie to gain sympathy by a CAIR official regarding the video. This is why CAIR keeps getting itself into trouble because it plays the victim card so much that people are sick of it in light of facts such as refusing to denounce Hamas and Hezzbollah.


40 black teenager girls beat on three white women.

Crime: The media doesn't want to touch it in that much detail.

As the Press-Telegram reported on November 3, three white women aged 19 to 21 emerged from a “maze” walk in a house and were confronted by up to 40 black teenagers who pelted them with pumpkins and lemons. The paper said, “The taunts and jeers grew more aggressive, the victims recalled, as did the size of the crowd. Now females joined in, and everyone began saying, ‘We hate white people, f--- whites!’ ” The bizarre case, now in its fifth week of trial, resulted in hate-crime charges against nine girls and three boys, two of whom will be tried later. Yet the story didn’t run in the Los Angeles Times until November 7, buried inside local news. In that piece, writer J. Michael Kennedy quoted the Press-Telegram’s interview with the victims, watering down the racist language to the vague and more acceptable phrase “a series of antiwhite epithets.” While some media tiptoed around the story, another outlook was emerging as the fast-tracked trial — required in youth cases — hurtled toward its late-November start date. Well-known black political columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who has explored both sides of the story in a levelheaded manner, was quoted by City News Service as noting that the latest FBI hate-crimes report showed that blacks now commit more than 20 percent of the hate crimes, the majority of victims white.
LATIMES is desperate not to report on it because.
Then, in an opinion piece on December 3, Times senior editorial writer Michael McGough floated an argument critics said reflected the Times’ shading of news-side race stories. In the op-ed, he wrote that hate-crime laws “could end up punishing blacks who commit violence against whites — which is a far cry from the historical experience that inspired hate-crime statutes.” The piece prompted a fiery response by David Mills, a black former Washington Post reporter turned Emmy-winning screenwriter. In a letter to the popular Romenesko media blog, the Glendale-based Mills wrote: “You don’t have to be a card-carrying Klansman to point out that the L.A. Times surely would be treating this story differently if three black women had been attacked by 30 white teenagers hurling words like ‘F--- black people.’


Spain's bishops fear rise of Islamic Kingdom

World: As Saudi Arabia keeps on funding their own brand of Islam in European countries filling the void.

Spain's bishops are alarmed by ambitious plans to recreate the city of Cordoba - once the heart of the ancient Islamic kingdom of al-Andalus - as a pilgrimage site for Muslims throughout Europe. Plans include the construction of a half-size replica of Cordoba's eighth century great mosque, according to the head of Cordoba's Muslim Association. Funds for the project are being sought from the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, and Muslim organisations in Morocco and Egypt.Other big mosques are reportedly planned for Medina Azahara near Cordoba, Seville and Granada. The bishops of those cities are alarmed at the construction of ostentatious mosques, fearing that the church's waning influence may be further eclipsed by resurgent Islam financed from abroad. Up to one million Muslims are estimated to live in Spain. Many are drawn by a romantic nostalgia for the lost paradise of Al-Andalus, the caliphate that ruled Spain for more than five centuries.
Spain's Muslims have been long respectful towards civil and ecclesiastical authorities, but as numbers have grown they have turned to more radical leaders. An alliance of Spanish converts, pro-Moroccan and pro-Saudi leaders took control of one of Spain's two main Islamic federations last year. Half of the new leaders are imams from Saudi-funded mosques in Madrid and Fuengirola. Mr Escudero, an ousted moderate who nonetheless remains head of Spain's umbrella Islamic Council, said he did not favour the construction of flamboyant mosques with foreign money. "I prefer more modest, decent buildings that are backed by Spanish local authorities," he said, but added: "Muslims have the right to build mosques big and small wherever they like." Hundreds of mosques have popped up all over Spain. But churches, and many residents, complain that big, shiny mosques are more than just centres for culture and worship, and say they are funded by undemocratic countries promoting Islamic radicalism.


How's the Thailand and Spain terrorist appeasment programs?

Terrorism: Lets do our weekly tour of appeasment programs around the world. In Thailand, where after a coup the Muslim general in charge went on a charm tour.

A police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to release information, said the insurgents were suspected of carrying out arson Thursday night on a kindergarten in Pattani's Kapho district and a public school in Narathiwat's Sungai Padi district. Earlier in Narathiwat, a 19-year-old Buddhist villager was killed and his companion injured when shot by a motorcycle gunman in Rue So district, said another officer who also insisted on not being named for the same reason. In Yala, eight soldiers were wounded when a bomb on the roadside exploded as the six-wheeled military truck in which they were riding passed by, said police Lt. Weerakit Kaewnuanching. Both incidents were also blamed on the insurgents.
Okay, what about Spain and the ETA? Zapatero the most meterosexual leader of the Western world is all about love and peace.
A representative of Spain's ruling party has admitted the government's hopes for peace with separatists are in trouble after police found hundreds of kilograms of explosives in Basque areas on Thursday and Friday. "We have to recognize that there was a problem of information and no dialogue," Socialist party official Jose Blanco told a Spanish radio station. "We have to analyze what happened to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future," he said. Blanco made the comments a week after a car bomb killed two people at Madrid's airport, and after police found 80 kilograms of explosives and bomb-making materials hidden in two caches near the Basque towns of Amorebieta and Durango on Friday. On Thursday, officials found 100 kilograms of explosives in the same area.
The appeasement programs have yielded the no duh results. Negotiating are only successful when you come from a position of power and strength, something neither leader has at the moment.


More on Boxer and CAIR.

Politics: It took a week, but the LATIMES finally got around to the story made by Newsweek.

Sen. Barbara Boxer has rescinded an award her office gave to a Sacramento Islamic activist after criticism that the group he represents — the Council on American-Islamic Relations — holds extremist views and has ties to international terrorist organizations. "I'm saying the four words that every elected official hates to say: 'I made a mistake,' " the California Democrat said in a telephone interview Friday. "I hope they won't believe that I did this to hurt the Muslim community…. We just have to be more careful when we reach out."
Of course CAIR blames talking about Israel.
Boxer, who said she was unaware of the initial decision by her office to honor Elkarra, said independent research by her office later revealed troubling information about the organization. "It's the volume of things, not any one thing," she said. "There's a long list." That list includes several individual council members who have been indicted on terrorism-related charges, as well as harsh criticism of the organization by some of Boxer's congressional colleagues. In 2003, Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) said the council was "unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect." In recent years the council has drawn a carefully calibrated line on terrorism — strongly criticizing individual attacks and suicide bombings but refusing to label Hamas or Hezbollah as terrorist organizations. It's also quick to condemn Israeli attacks in Lebanon and the occupied territories and label them as terrorism against civilians. That criticism of Israel, council officials say, is what's really fueling the campaign against their group. Nothing short of endorsing Israeli policy, they say, will spare them from allegations of extremism. "The minute we criticize Israel, then we become a nonmoderate group," Ayloush said. "You become public enemy No. 1." The group also has a complicated relationship with federal law enforcement agencies. Former FBI counterterrorism chief Steven Pomerantz once said the council's activities "effectively give aid to international terrorist groups."
They don't get it and never will in the long run.


Inventor of instant noodles dies.

Culture: Respect to this man, in need of a quick snack/meal it has done the job many times.

Momofuku Ando, the founder-chairman of Nissin Food Products Co, who was widely known as the inventor of instant noodles, died of a heart failure this evening at a hospital in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, his family said. He was 96. Born on March 5, 1910 in Taiwan, Ando initially ran clothing companies in Taipei and Osaka while he was a student at Ritsumeikan University. In 1948, he founded the precursor of Nissin, before introducing Chicken Ramen, the world's first instant noodle product, in 1958. Ando was inspired to develop the instant noodle after coming upon a long line of people on a cold night shortly after World War II waiting to buy freshly made ramen at a black market food stall, according to Nissin. The experience convinced him that "Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat," it said.


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Keith Ellison sends a warning to President Bush.

Politics: There is a certain amount of arrogance that comes from him that is amusing.

Kessler: Do you support the impeachment of the president because of this? Ellison: Well, Pat, let me tell you this. I certainly think that the facts are available. I think that it's certainly justifiable. I certainly think that there is ample reason to do so. But the leadership, the speaker has said, that it is not what she wants to do ... and I'm going to follow her leadership on this. But I do think that if the president is obstructionist, this question of what to do about impeachment should at least come up as an important discussion item.
What are these "facts" and is that a suggestion that if President Bush doesn't buckle to his far left demands that he would try to scare him with impeachment?


Tijuana police force to turn over weapons

Mexico: As 3000 mexican soliders and federal agents arrive to try and clean up the place.

TIJUANA – The city's entire 2,300-member municipal police force has been ordered to turn in its weapons, leaving doubt Thursday about who would be patrolling this city of more than 1.5 million residents. The surprise directive from Mexico's Defense Secretariat comes a day after President Felipe Calderon ordered Operation Tijuana, a major offensive against organized crime in the city. More than 3,000 soldiers and federal agents are being sent to the city with the aim of tackling the city's crime problems. Federal officials were expected to conduct ballistics tests on the weapons, apparently to see if they could link any of the weapons to the many killings that have been attributed to drug cartels. Dozens of police officers carrying a range of handguns and automatic weapons lined up Thursday at department headquarters on Eighth Street. The Mexican military, which maintains a registry of weapons, routinely checks police weapons, and officers initially thought this was a regular check. Federal officials have repeatedly said corruption is widespread in Tijuana's department, which is charged with responsible for maintaining public order in the city.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jim Lampley is a woman beater?

Crime: TMZ has the reports as Candice Sanders, Miss Cali 2003 says a drunk and high Lampley beat her up with his son in the apartment. Lampley out on $35,500 bail says the charges are not true. Given he put himself out there as a nutty liberal who believes weird political conspiracies on the Huffington Post He could always blame the neo-cons.


More on the Minneapolis Muslim Taxi Drivers.

Culture: As noted earlier last year, the Muslim American Society is behind this push to enforce their beliefs on the entire airport.

Last year, the airports commission received a fatwa, or religious edict, from the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society. The fatwa said that "Islamic jurisprudence" prohibits taxi drivers from carrying passengers with alcohol, "because it involves cooperating in sin according to Islam." Eva Buzek, a flight attendant and Minneapolis resident, called the new proposal "great news." Buzek recently was refused service by five taxi drivers when she returned from a trip to France carrying wine. "In my book, when you choose to come to a different country, you make some choices," said Buzek, a native of Poland. "I never expected everything to be the same way as in my homeland, and I adjusted. I never dreamed of imposing my beliefs on somebody else." 'A violation of faith' But Hassan Mohamud, imam at Al-Taqwa Mosque of St. Paul, and director of the Islamic Law Institute at the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, one of the largest Islamic organizations in the state, said that asking Muslims to transport alcohol "is a violation of their faith" as well as of the spirit of the First Amendment. Mohamud, an attorney who teaches Islamic law at William Mitchell Law School in St. Paul, said, "Muslims do not consume, carry, sell or buy alcohol." Islam also considers the saliva of dogs to be unclean, he said. Mohamud said he would ask airport officials to reconsider, adding that he hoped that a compromise could be worked out that would serve as a bridge between the American legal system and the cultural and religious values of the immigrants. Currently, he said, more than half of the state's taxi drivers are Muslim and about 150,000 people follow Islam in Minnesota, most of them in the metro area. "So the commission should respect the will of the majority of the taxi drivers, with complete accommodation to the consumers," Mohamud said.
Since Keith Ellison stuck his nose on the flying Imans at the same airport, will he be doing the same with fringe groups trying to shove sharia law on the airport. They are also asking for a Muslim only prayer place. Think of the diversity people.


Keith Ellison lying about Jefferson's Quran?

Culture: Ellison had this to say about his use of the Quran owned by Thomas Jefferson.

Ellison said an anonymous person wrote him about the Qur’an, and he arranged with the Library of Congress to use it. The chief of the Library of Congress’ rare book and special collections division, Mark Dimunation, walked the Quran across the street to the Capitol and brought it back after the ceremony.
on December 21st, the Muslim American Society put out this press release.
I hope when Congressman-elect Ellison takes his oath, he not only takes it on the Quran, but requests to use the one owned by Thomas Jefferson; one of America's founding fathers, kept at the National Archives. Perhaps such a move would educate the dear Congressman from Virginia concerning the longstanding contributions that Islam has made to American life."
On December 24th, at a convention sponsored by Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America, the guest speaker was... Keith Ellison.
But Ellison said in Dearborn that Muslims can help teach America about justice and equal protection, suggesting that Muslim activists may be part of God's plan. He spoke at the annual convention of two Muslim groups, the Muslim American Society and the Islamic Circle of North America. The convention ended Monday morning. "Muslims, you're up to bat right now..." he said. "How do you know that you were not brought right here to this place to learn how to make this world better? How do you know that Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, (meaning praised and exalted is he) did not bring you here so that you could understand how to teach people what tolerance was, what justice was? How do you know that you're not here to teach this country?"
So Ellison just happened to get an anon tip from a concerned fan or did he get it from someone at the convention considering MAS brought it up a couple of days before hand. As for Muslim American Society, they have a Muslim Brotherhood connection. So whats the real story behind the stunt with Jefferson's Quran? Just asking.


Creating babies with defects

Culture: In a word if parents are doing this ....Sick.

Creating made-to-order babies with genetic defects would seem to be an ethical minefield, but to some parents with disabilities — say, deafness or dwarfism — it just means making babies like them. And a recent survey of U.S. clinics that offer embryo screening suggests it’s already happening. Three percent, or 4 clinics surveyed, said they have provided the costly, complicated procedure to help families create children with a disability. Some doctors have denounced the practice; others question whether it’s true. Blogs are abuzz with the news, with armchair critics saying the phenomenon, if real, is taking the concept of designer babies way too far. “Old fear: designer babies. New fear: deformer babies,” the online magazine Slate wrote, calling it “the deliberate crippling of children.” But the survey also has led to a debate about the definition of “normal” and inspires a glimpse into deaf and dwarf cultures where many people do not consider themselves disabled.
Karen Krogstad, a 25-year-old partly deaf student in Bozeman, Mont., said she understands why parents “would go to great lengths to make sure their child will be deaf.” She and her deaf friends “see ourselves as fully functional human beings who can’t hear. People who wear glasses, are they disabled? No, but if you have hearing aids, to assist with hearing, you are labeled as disabled.”
Look, We are all born on the hope everything about us is healthy. All our senses are there and functioning at 100%. If you need a hearing or glasses for example, you are not at 100% and you have to compensate for it. To cause defects in unborn babies to be just like you is immoral and injuring the child to make you feel better about yourself as a person/parent. Its one thing to be born with a genetic defect, its another to tell a child later in life that he could have been 100% but you decided to cripple him as some sort of bonding issue.


Arab democracies : Accept the terrorists!

Middle East: A Hamas/Hezzo lover throws down on Guardian Comment blog.

The duplicitous nature of international involvement in the region's affairs was unashamedly evident when the Lebanese opposition groups upped the ante in the face of the western-backed Lebanese government's refusal of the opposition's original demand for a national unity government. The opposition is now demanding full-fledged legislative elections and a new election law to replace the farcical one that was drawn up in a hurry in 2003. The US, Britain and Israel have all renewed their support for the Lebanese government rejecting the oppositions' demands. When the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas (another western and Israeli favourite), called for early elections last week, Tony Blair himself was in the West Bank to support the decision despite the fact that early elections were not only unconstitutional but had come after months during which the Palestinians had been literally starved as the US and Israel imposed an embargo on all funding to the Hamas government. Most Palestinians have not been paid for months and many are facing extreme economic hardships. Why? Because the Palestinian people had elected members from a group deemed "terrorist" by western standards. In the Arab world where I live, we usually refer to both Hamas and Hizbullah as "national liberation movements". The hundreds of thousands of Lebanese sleeping out on the streets and the similar number of Palestinians starving in the West Bank epitomise the unwillingness of the west (and Israel of course), to accept democracies in the Arab world which do not result in, well, banana republics. I therefore refer you to my original suggestion to incarcerate those ungrateful Arab populaces and replace them with monkeys.
The bolded part is why you keep seeing Western governments involved in the region because if you actually elected sane rational people instead of suicide bombing terrorists. No one would care. When you do elect these types to office, the west is under no obligation to continue helping to fund the self destructive nature of that community. You do not have a God-given right to our aid money when you elect psychos to office. Elect them if you want but if they are only about violence and trying to destroy Israel and putting threats to us you get a backlash. Welcome to the real world.

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