Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Al-Qaida according to a report by the Control Risks Group in London due to high profile arrests and other counter-terrorism operations has been largely dismantled. The conclusion part is worrying because what is left is going to be harder to find and destroy. IraqPress: Indian goverment wants to go ahead with the contracts it signed with Saddam for business in the Iraqi oil and railway industry. They also want to help in the development of the oil industries, reconstruction programs, basically billions of dollars worth of stuff. Economist: going by the title "A nation apart" in the economist no less, you would expect a rip job, but its the opposite. The graph is what shocked me. Who knew so many people hated being French? American Spectator: John Kerry, Richard Gephardt and John Edwards are trying everything in their power to try and slow down Howard Dean and its not working. Wash Post: Iran is harshly rebuked by IAEA for hiding their nuclear program from inspectors and for numerous breaches in its nuclear treaty obligations. That out of the way, I am sure Iran will not continue this program now that the UN has found them out....... what?

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