Wednesday, November 12, 2003

EUObserver: EU is going to pump 62 Billion Euros into the EU economy to try and jumpstart that flagging economy. good luck. EU is going to try and stop illegal immigration with a new agency that starts in 2005, and if to scare people, Germany is going to run all the land borders. The Whiny paper of British leftists, Guardian with a comment on why George Bush is in United Kingdom. Typical hit piece, and they really really hate Bush in Euro, he offends their elitists sensibilities, which is a good thing. If at any time, any US politician makes the Euroweenies happy, thats when you run the other way. BBC is hiring a Middle East bias editor to make sure it coverage is fair. This is a 24 hour job. Paul Bremer came back for a meeting with members of Adminstration to see how to speed up transfer of power to the Iraqis.

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