Monday, November 03, 2003

Fine time to start this blog, I hope for money/fame and lots of females to come from this. email: America! Bloomberg: US Retailers because of "income tax cut, low interest rates and rising stock prices" are more optimistic about the holidays this year than last year. But I am getting annoyed that Christmas decorations are now on sale after labor day, couple of more years, the decorations will be on sale year round. One of the big stories is this upcoming Reagan mini-series that has grown out of control, it seems that it was pitched as a love story, liberal producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron then politicized the whole thing to the point where people are trying to distance themselves from it, Barbra Streisand who reported by Drudge to be all over the series, her husband James Brolin plays Ronald Reagan, said she wasn't that involved and knew nothing of its content, Bela Bajaria, CBS VP of miniseries is being blamed for it, Patty Davis may put out a statement over what is seen as major liberties taken with the story of Ronald and Nancy. The movie itself is being edited over and over and according to Newsweek story could be sold to Showtime. Caribbean Nice to see in the 10+ years I left Trinidad, the murder rate has gotten to the point where its now ranked in the most deadly places in the world and they can go even higher in the rankings by year's end. Keep striving to be number one! EUROPE In Germany 100,000 protestors came out to complain about the reforms set by German government who wants to drastically reform the social programs(cradle to grave) loving that germans have become so used too. The solution given by Michael Prutz, spokeman for the Berlin Social Forum? Tax the rich of course. Somewhere Russia and China are thinking its going to be easy to pass the EU as a economic power. Silly people don't see how badly the socialists programs have hurt the global competitiveness of Germany. France is in an even worse leaking boat than Germany, and these countries are supposed to power the EU. Good luck. In Iraqi news, the tragic killing of the 15 troops in the chopper attack has set the leftists papers in a tizzy, as in their view dead soldiers makes for great news. My favorite foreign lefty paper is the Guardian, and they dragged all the loonies out of bed. Resistance is the first step towards Iraqi independence is the perfect example of the loony people who want to safeguard the "poor downtroded and helpless" Iraqi people, Tariq even suggests that under Saddam, Iraqis were much better off. European lefty elistists views of America is hysterical if you downplay the fact they actually believe the stuff they write, They hate George Bush, so you get these amusing hard hitting investigative pieces "Long queue at drive-in soup kitchen" speaking of the new disaster waiting America, the new growing poverty crisis! Where people are so poor like in the rest of the world they go thru a drive in church run food line. I bet those starving poor people in Liberia have the same problems of waiting in the drive thru lane to get food. "The ranks of the hungry are increasing in step. About 31 million Americans were deemed to be "food insecure" (they literally did not know where their next meal was coming from). Of those, more than nine million were categorised by the US department of agriculture as experiencing real hunger, defined by the US department of agriculture as an "uneasy or painful sensation caused by lack of food due to lack of resources to obtain food." " People, you cannot read this stuff and not go eh? France and Germany! are going to break the EU rule of not having budget deficits above 3% of their GDP. This will go on till about 2006. On the other hand, Holland and Austria are furious that it looks like Germany/France will escape the penalities of breaking the deficits rules again and in the future. So they want the rules enforced, Gerhard Schröder, German chancellor really doesn't want to have to do progress reports according to the Financial Times to Brussels(EU Headquarters) and get economic instructions on how to handle the German economy. Add to that Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg want to have a flexible "interpretation" of the stability pact and you have a big ole mess waiting to explode today When the EU commission try to figure all this out, not have the pact, the EU look like its built on a house of cards with rules countries can just get away with it anytime they want. France is also getting hit with 9.7% unemployment rate and no hope in sight for an economic recovery anytime soon, despite some optimistic predictions by the French Government and IMF.

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