Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Germany to see high Unemployment in 2004, with a growth rate of 1.5%, but if they get first group of tax cuts thru, it grows at 1.7%. Amazing that even the socialists countries of Germany/France see that cutting taxes help. Someone tell the democrats. Protestors going to the FreeTrade Area of the Americas conference in Miami are already complaining that the Miami Dade Police is harrassing them and they are scared. Suck it up! You are anarchists for christ sakes. Just because Miami Dade Police will not put up with anything unlike the Seattle cops a couple of years ago and may have quick arresting tendencies, don't be scared. Word of advice, if a Miami-Dade Cop says move, move. Ivory Coast Peace is in huge trouble, west african leaders are asking for a UN peacekeeping force, that ought to help. France and Germany are trying to get a Franco-German union going to try and blunt the influence of the other countries coming into the EU next year. Pathetic, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice is a murderer! I expect this sort of garbage from a cartoonist like Aaron McGruder but the head of the NAACP should act with just a smidge of class. People wonder why I don't subscribe to liberal black causes being from the west indies, hell I don't want to associate myself with people like this.

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