Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Hola! Germany sacked the commander of their special forces for sending a letter agreeing with a German MP who said Jews are a nation of perpetrators. Hold the German jokes please. France denies they assured Saddam that the United States would not invade by means of diplomatic moves, lesson here is don't trust France. Germany putting forth a plan that could kill the EU stability pact. Germany doesn't fear getting any fines or sanctions, the smaller countries are resigned to the fact Germany will get its way along with France who also got a break with its promise of spending cuts in 2004. The pact is dead and the EU looks foolish. GOP got two governorship in Kentucky and Mississippi Terry McAuliffe said that this was proof that the GOP is being thrown out by the American people and it shows Bush he is in trouble... Democrats really need to get this fool out of power and any other clinton holdovers to get back in some form. Russia's president Vladimir Putin again said that Russia has the right to preemptive military strikes because America has the same policy. Ananova brings the quirky stories: Doctors find plant growing in boy's nose Never ever anger a pregnant woman, frankly her husband deserved it, not that I approve of member cutting. BUT, he was asking for something. Man gets fired from his job because he missed work while stranded on a mountain for 5 days only eating snow to survive. Hey, he was still on probabtion period.

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