Sunday, November 23, 2003

Interesting developments from Bush's visits to England, of course the image of the President in Europe among the elitists lefties is the shooting up Cowboy who can barely say two words. But after the visit even the left papers have to admit although they hate to say it out loud, that image is not true. * Bush met with the families of the British dead forces and it seemed to change some opinions of him if not the war. * Finally, the goofs who think that the Islamic terrorists and terrorism itself can be talked to , if you deal with the root causes or whatever emotional nonsense they can think of realize that these are killers who want a version of the world where their way is followed or you die. Andrew Rawnsley in the Guardian no less lays it out. * Barbara Amiel at the Telegraph wrote a piece about the passive fight against militant Muslims by "moderate" Muslim groups in Britain, here in America, there is C.A.I.R who follows the same pattern. They say they doing their best to fight it and issue press releases condemning terrorists acts. But its always the "yeah we condemn this just like Israel/Palestine, America going into Afghanistan and Iraq and also Al-Qaida, so you end up with a nothing statement. Grow some backbone, or shut up. Speaking of which, UK Foreign Office minister Denis MacShane did just that saying UK Muslim leader need to be more clear in their condemnation of terror acts, so what was the reaction from some groups? "Inayat Bunglawala, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "The Muslim community has consistently condemned terrorism and we condemn this latest attack on the British consulate and HSBC in Turkey." He said: "The attacks only emphasize that the disastrous war in Iraq has not reduced the risk of terrorism, as our own governments had us believe beforehand, but has exacerbated it. "We do not need lectures from a representative of a government that has conducted an unlawful war against Iraq". Backbone people BACKBONE! *Interesting article in weekly standard about the targets of the bombings in Saudi Arabia, while the rest of the world papers said it was Al-Qaida targeting fellow Muslims, the area was actually Lebanese Christian neighborhood. That said it still follows in the Al-Qaida mode of attacking "infidels" unless you are going to follow their version of Islam, you are a target. *Howard Dean, who in my opinion wouldn't have a leg to stand on if he had competent opponents is now reaching out for the black vote, referring to his campaign as a rainbow..... Oh wonderful. As a black person, all I have to say is what the hell are people smoking out there? If the liberal press wasn't so busy trying to prop up Dean as the savior, his political record is absolutely laughable, the guy is the perfect example of the euro-weenie socialist. He panders even worse than Clinton did, at least Clinton was able to disguise it a bit. BTW, anyone really believe his favorite artist is Wyclef Jean? In the coming weeks, being the pretentious person that I am. I am setting up a site which shows how Howard Dean is just plain awful for America, unless you are one of these leftists hoping to move our economic system to say early Stalin Mother Russia. * Dell is returning some jobs they outsourced to India back to America due to customer complaints of poor quality of phone based tech support. I think you will see a thread where more companies are going to do that since at some point cost/hassle/ and customer relations are going to sour to the point where it just needs to be done in the States. *

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