Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Some Iraqi stuff, the most interesting is that CIA and FBI now have a boatload of files from the former Iraqi Intelligence Service, so much that laid end to end would be 9.5 miles long. It contains names of agents,politicians in the middle east and aboard who were paid to shill for Saddam and Iraq. Names people, We need names, let the scandals erupt! My Home state Senator and badly runned campaigning one-time presidential-candidate Bob Graham is retiring and that has sent the state political hopefuls into a frenzy. Not one of them worth a damn though. The biggest name is Mayor of Miami Alex Penelas who I think of as shady, already stating he can bring in the latin vote, which may or may not work in his favor due to his behavior during the whole Ellian fiasco a couple of years back, plus ignoring Al Gore in 2000. CBS according to the drudgereport has moved the Reagan mini-series from CBS to Showtime to show uncut, basically no one is going to watch it. It looks like Summer Redstone stepped in and said enough making the move. All the reports said the movie was just an abomination from the acting to the script with lines attributed to Reagan he never said. It was pitched as a love story and just turned into something political to the point it made people angry. Guardian is running a hit piece..I mean a hard hitting investigative report on the lack of health care insurance titled "Land where calling an ambulance is first step to bankruptcy" of course the conclusion from Eurowriter is that America business interests are refusing to buckle under to create some sort of affordable health care system. The solution implied is...wait for it... higher taxes! Of course anyone take a look over at Europe, France and Germany health care system is such a mess drastic reforms are needed which of course the socialists raised population fear and don't want. England system is slow and not all that great. But hey, lets go the socialists route. Governor Arnold hired Donna Arduin as California's budget chief, she was Florida's budget chief and did a great job cutting out the pork. On a sidenote, THANKFULLY, the Miami Hurricanes even after that embrassing loss to the Hokies are still #4 in the BCS rankings Now if they can get Brock Berlin to play something resembling a Quarterback, they can still make something of this year. Reality Show fiasco: Premise: 6 guys, one transsexual, the guys don't know until the end when the transsexual picks the winner lifts her skirt to reveal the truth.. Lawsuits, one producer getting punched out and sexual assault charges being thrown about.. This show MUST get on the air. France's Lutte Ouvrière (Workers' Struggle) and the Communist Revolutionary League, two Trotskyist parties have joined forces and made the mainstream socialists party very unhappy because it takes away votes from them and the right wing is happy because they know this is trouble for the left. France also escaped budget sanctions by promising to make spending cuts in 2004 to come back in line with EU's stability pact which says you must keep budget deficits at 3% of their GDP. yeah.. that will happen.

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