Tuesday, November 25, 2003

You know you had a good state visit when headlines like President proves a less than cordial guest pop up. Chirac met with Blair over issues regarding the EU and its defense force. It went so well that Britain threatens veto on EU proposals for a new constitution for the EU rather than give up national powers over defense, foreign policy, and taxation. Why would England even consider giving up power to an entity powered by France/Germany? The EU as a world power is not going to work. * The Sun lead op blasting Chirac for even setting foot in England. * The racial problems in France is growing fast, Guardian on the problems in France caused by disaffected Arab youths. The youths see the Jews are being better off than them. * Quote from a party to celebrate Howard Dean birthday in philadelphia. "It's almost Stalinist. We're out celebrating the birthday of this guy," joked Jim Savage, 39. Ah yep. * They don't make Burglars like they use too. *

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