Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Kyoto Treaty is basically dead. Russia won't go near it because it would hurt their economy(duh) and since their competitors won't follow it, why should they. The best part is nearly all the EU members are nowhere near meeting the deadline date of 2010 to cut emissions by 8%. Its dead Jim. France has huge problems in the Ivory Coast where they are in peacekeeper mode, pro-government forces want to continue and finish the war with the rebels in the north. If the French do not get out of the way, they are going to attack french interests in the country. Rotterdam wants to ban the poor from moving to their city. Hardball transcript with Chris Matthews interviewing Howard Dean. Dean is very naive in foreign policy, not liking right to work laws and saying everyone should be forced into a union is idiotic. Euro climbs to a record high, and a gloomy forecast comes from German retailers with tumbling consumer confidence. A good combination to get stressed over.

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