Monday, December 08, 2003

Saudi Government is realizing how extensive the terror network is in the country, talk about the pet you raised coming back around to bite the hand that fed it. Iraq is the no taxes, small tariff paradise of the world! even factoring in the security situation. Its surprising how fast business seems to have come to Iraq, business people have more money when you don't have to pay off everyone and their relatives. American companies won't buy American products. American furniture makers who sign a petition supporting anti-dumping which would impose tariffs on Chinese products are being boycotted by American retail chains. Lets have a Muslim Football tourney in California, and here is a good idea, lets name the teams Intifada, Soldiers of Allah and Mujahideen. PR move of the year, Someone should name a team Crusaders and see how well that goes over. Perfect examples of liberals talking to each other and actually thinking anyone outside of their little circle gives a damn. Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair is "gunning" for Bush next year. This has Joanna Walters all giddy, if Graydon book is anything like his last great Bush hit piece where almost every item was laughable wrong. It could make for a good comedy. Chirac says veils are unacceptable and aggressive, well this will not sit well with Muslims in France and I would be right

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