Monday, January 12, 2004

Back from extended lazing. France has decided to kick off the bums on the unemployment line Since this is France, expect massive protests by people demanding to be left on the unemployment line. People against the Headscraves ban in France are gearing up for a worldwide protest on January 17th, Its going to be interesting if France sticks to its guns or backs down because this is basically the beginning of Islam vs French Values. Howard Dean got slammed by Rev Al Sharpton in tonight debate's in Iowa having to concede that in the 12 years he was Governor in Vermont, he never hired a black or latino to his cabinet. That brought this response from Rev Al. "If you want to lecture people on race, you ought to have the background and track record to do that," People of course want to make a big deal out of Paul O'neill and the horror of Bush planning to invade Iraq just days after getting to office. That would work if you overlook the fact there have been plans to overthrow Iraq for years going back to the clinton years and scenarios are planned out for different countries, its the prudent thing to do. BUT, one piece of evidence shown by the book's author Ron Suskind during the 60 minutes interview was a Pentagon document titled "Foreign Suitors for Iraq Oilfield contracts." Problem is that its not a Pentagon document, its a document from Cheney's office, a part of a study of global oil supplies that was gotten by Judicial Watch as part of a lawsuit the PDF file is here. So what else is suspect? The info is from the Iraq News News Letter, a link on has it all. Cuba is cracking down on Internet use. Danny Glover says leave Cuba alone. South Africa: The ANC party lead by Thabo Mbeki is on his re-election bid and to help his chances even more, he is moving to speed up land restitution from white farmers to blacks, but now the new quirk is that land can be taken without anyway for the farmers to fight it. Hey, it worked well in Zimbabwe.

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