Sunday, January 18, 2004

Germany's Economy contracted by 0.1%, hurt by domestic spending down and the high euro which is helping American exporters is hurting the Euro zone. Howard Dean who just a few weeks ago was the clear frontrunner in Iowa and New Hampshire now finds his lead in NH down margin of error in some polls and in 3rd place according to a Des Moines Register poll. Surprisingly, John Kerry has surged to first and John Edwards who has run a feel-good, positive campaign while not taking any hits from his rivals has gone from single digits to second. My thinking is Dean's gaffes and stumbling around trying to answer the charges coming at him almost every day now has taken a toll, As the caucuses pull closer, a lot of people are taking stock and seeing who has the best chance to win in November. Dean's angry man persona may work for a small segment of the Democratic Party, but with the seasoned Iowa caucus voter, they may have come to the conclusion that Dean is not a winnable ticket. Muslims protest over the proposed banning of the headscarves in France. France wants to ban it to preserve secularism, Muslims says its denies them freedom of religion. Of course the real reason the ban is in play is because France fears Islamic fundamentalism and this is a law to show who/what is boss. one word: duh. The problem is that this is way too late and if the french who support the ban thinks this will ease the problem, they got a bad thing coming their way. History buffs will like this, over 5 million aerial photos from World War 2 will be released on the internet.

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