Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Nice Puff Piece in Rolling Stone Magazine for Howard Dean, which is the "hip" Place for Democratic politicians to show off to young people or until you leave college and go into the real world. Then it hits you all those Free [insert country name here] pieces and articles on "hard hitting" social issues isn't worth anything. Paul O'Neill is backtracking so fast maybe in the hopes he can go back in time and not be associated with this book. The foreign suitors for oil paper is bogus, Now his assertion in the 60 minutes piece about the Admin planning war in Iraq early was just a continuation of plans from the Clinton Administration. EU Commission wants to take its finance ministers to court for letting Germany and France run roughshod over EU budget rules. The only outcomes are either the EU commish wins and just ticks off France/Germany or they lost further damaging the credibility of the rules that is supposed to govern the EU. Then of course the Euro governments will just change the rules around to fit their needs anyway. whole bunch of nothing. Someone may want to drop a line to the Toronto Star Editorial section and correct them about Paul O'Neill. But you would think a major paper would at least try to figure out if everything was true. Germany announced a huge overhaul of its armed forces and deep cuts in military spending, also plans to get rid of the mandatory national service, but hospitals liked the cheap labor. One-eyed Goat born in Durban, South Africa. I am not a big baseball fan, but I think this means the New York Papers are not happy with Roger Clemens going to the Astros.

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