Sunday, February 08, 2004

Haiti is pretty much on the way to civil war. Someone send Jimmy Carter to settle all this. John Kerry did a 3 state sweep winning in Michigan, Washington, and Maine. Howard Dean, who may have had the biggest political implosion in modern American Politics that didn't involve a woman, now has questions being asked where did the money go. The answer to that seems to be Joe Trippi who paid trippi's media firm $7.2 million. This weekend the AFSCME union pulled its endorsement. Howard Dean is toast. But, he did give us the scream. America and Australia put together a free trade agreement, Australia has been a great friend America and seems to realize the War on Terror is not some "police action" Speaking of friends, Germany's chancellor Gerhard Schroder quit as the head of the Social Democratic Party, combined with his low(in the 20's) popularity rating, he is pretty much done as chancellor. I will give him this much, he realized that drastic reforms to the economy and health care system for Germany is needed. Germans don't want that since socialism brings people down to the level of a needy 5 year whining for everything to be given to them. So Schroder is going to take the hit for the reforms big time. He also got his position running on a Anti_American theme, so bye bye. Another friend of America, Jacques Chirac is in deep on 2 issues. The headscarves issue is coming to a vote and it could go from just schoolchildren to other areas of French life

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