Monday, February 16, 2004

The Haitian rebellion is spreading, somehow I doubt the "rebels" are any better than the elected offcials. This John Kerry did he or did he not have some sort of whatever going on with this AP reporter has gotten all sorts of stupid. First, you have The Sun when the story broke quoting the father that John Kerry is a sleazeball, today, the woman in question and her parents put out statements saying its all a lie. The parents saying they will now vote for John Kerry as president. The American media wouldn't cover the initial charge, but you can't turn around today without seeing the statements, but even if there was evidence of an affair, A Washington Post Reporter says they wouldn't run it in the paper. Meanwhile the EastStandard in Kenya has reporters standing on cars and following the story. One aspect of the story in the article about her fiancee working on a documentary seems to be untrue, as the managing director says he never met the guy, and the timing of her goign to Kenya is right at the time, she supposedly fled the country. Got it? Protests over the impeding ban on headscarves in France doesn't seem to be working as 70% of the public is in favor of it to preserve "French secularism." I just got a feeling when the ban is in place, it will make the situation worse. Iraq Oil money funding MPs campaigns and getting favors in United Kingdom here and here Quebec Politics are not corrupt, stop laughing.

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