Monday, March 15, 2004

France and China will hold a naval exercise 4 days before presidential elections in Taiwan. France wants business in China, so this is a nice feel good mission for them. Taiwan is not happy about this at all. The Poll yesterday about the resentment Muslims are feeling in Britain in more detailed here. Eurozone in fear of recession, having Spain surrender to Al Qaeda can't help. Zapatero, the new PM of Spain, says he wants to be more Pro-Europe and wants Europe to see them as pro-Europe... Chirac is desperate to form a counterweight to America, but even with Spain, its a laugh. All Spain has done with its talk is sign a death warrant for "Old" Europe. Al-Qaeda gameplan to hit Spain before the elections to cause a government change is documented here. It worked to perfection. Haiti has pulled out Caricom and Jamaica says it doesn't recognize the new Haitian Government. Caricom rabble rousing amount to next to nothing. If thats not enough Aristide arrived to be the "guest" of Jamaica for the next 2 months. BBC commissioned a survey of Iraqis and actually found them happier than before the invasion. If you have been following what has been going on the ground via blogs and some stories that get thru the mainstream press, this is not a surprise. It must have hurt the BBC to broadcast this.

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