Saturday, March 13, 2004

France: AZF put out new threats of bombing french railways and increased their ransom demands. Finally! Someone is going to take the Supreme Court Justices to task in their increasing use of foreign legal precedents to come up with decisions for cases here. Al Qaeda is claiming responsibilty for the horrible train bombing that took place on Thursday. The bombings on European soil seems to have caused some soul searching within the European press such as Le Monde, of course the Neville Chamberlain of newspapers the Guardian now has this wonderful idea. I knew the Guardian would look for the appeasement route, but a conference? Jamaica will be hosting former prime minister Aristide for 2 months so he can reunite with his family, the group that will pick him up from Africa includes Whacko democract Maxine Waters. This is of course meddling by a pretty useless group CARICOM and the groupies that Aristide has left who still believe he is worth a damn to Haiti. My take is that Haiti has been a failure to its people for over 200 years, Aristide who was thought to be a savior morphed into just another dictator after he was installed back into power by Clinton Admin. It is in the best interest of America what is going on in its backyard, CARICOM is a joke, UN will do nothing, so if it means Aristide had to go, and in this case, he was saved before the Mob go to him, so be it. But, having him come back to the region is a mistake and will only work against him and anyone still dumb enough to support him. Kerry: Poll out saying Kerry would be the preference for terrorists over George Bush 60% to 25% as President. I am not surprised.

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