Sunday, March 14, 2004

Spain's Zapatero, "More recently, the revelation that a coalition partner of the Socialists in the regional government of Catalonia held secret talks with ETA prompted the PP to questions Zapatero's control over his own party. For some, Zapatero's lack of aggression was exempified in a recent television interview. When asked what he would do if confronted by the leader of ETA in the street, Zapatero replied: "I would not look him in the face". " oh yeah... Al Qaeda could not have picked a better leader. Kerry: Powell called out Kerry to prove his claim that foreign leaders were rooting for him. Kerry refused. Operation Mountain Storm in Afghanistan gets 3 Taliban Commanders. More on the cowardly Spain voters, Its not Terrorists who killed 200 people, it was Bush. Someone had a saying about Europeans and Americans, Majority of Europeans live with terrorism, Americans will fight terrorism. very disturbing is the young voters in Spain actually believe if they stick their head in the sand, everything will be back to normal like just regular ETA bombings. Sad. US is sending special forces troops to North Africa , fears it might prove to be an Al Qaeda recruiting ground. 13% of British Muslims think that more terror attacks are good for America. Take that for what its worth. Hollywood still in shock from the success of The Passion of the Christ are now rethinking making faith-based movies. I think it will be a fleeting moment of thinking.

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