Monday, April 26, 2004

EU: France is struggling to figure out how to preserve its power in the expanded EU. It also fears the "seat of power" now moves to Germany. Someone better tell them that it was already there, and Germany won't be played like a tool to boost up french ambition. Russia: Russia is uphappy seeing countries that were under its control joining the EU. Africa: Ivory Coast is looking to boil over again. U.K.: The decision by Blair to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution is not going over well with any of the Pro-Euro people since its looks to be headed to a heavy defeat next year. Now the pressure shifts to France and Germany. EU: Japan economy up, America's economy up, who is lagging? European Union and its consumers. Unfortunately, there is a fight between the EU central bank and EU governments on how to actually do that. George Bush: Washington Post article on the White House promoting the new Bob Woodward book. Canada/Kyoto: Damning article on how Canada wasted half a billion dollars(5 American dollars) on development on cleaner technologies and reducing gas emissions to comply with the Kyoto Treaty. Also shows other countries who have pushed for Kyoto are now backing off saying its too expensives or the goals are too high. Of course with all of that Canada is still going to pour almost 5 billion dollars(15 American dollars) into more kyoto programs.

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