Tuesday, May 11, 2004

EU/France: EU makes a pretty astounding offer to cut off about 3 Billion euros worth of farm subsidies to try and restart trade talks as long as America and other countries do in kind. France who gets the biggest amount of subsidies from the EU says no. Syria: Militant Islam on the rise in secular Syria. Germany: Germany has to choose between economic growth or meet the requirement of the EU stability pact that all members must follow or pay a penalty. Germany picks economic growth and like France, basically tells the EU to go pound sand. UN/Congo: It seems a lot of "misbehaving" is going on involving the United Nations in Africa is coming to light. Sexual abuse and exploitation of civilians. UN/Ivory Coast: Militant Supporters of President Gbagbo to protest leaked report accusing them of taking part in a crackdown on opposition members. Germany: Go fishing with your net and catch a German Sub. Iraq: Sistani issued a fatwa telling followers not to enter the country illegal. Interesting move coming towards the June 30th handover date. I suspect this and the continuing denouncing of Sadr and his "army" , Sistani and the other clerics want things to calm down before the June 30th date where power is handed back to the Iraqis. Also, the millions of dollars that should be pouring would be a great source of wealth/power that the Shiite majority can hold.



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