Thursday, May 27, 2004

Germany sinking: German consumer confidence down because of rising unemployment and higher gas prices. Anyone think Bush has poll number problems hasn't seen Schroeder's. Iraq: Sadr offers up a truce which happens when he sees his "fighters" getting mowed down, popular sentiment turning against him and his "cause", and the real clerics stand up and start issuing warnings against him. But leave it up to the NYTIMES and Dexter Filkins to turn it around on the troops, including this horror story.

When it appeared that Mahdi Army fighters might move back in, American soldiers returned Tuesday to chase them off, blowing up a cache of heavy ammunition that the militia had been left behind. In the process, they destroyed a large part of what had been left standing, and Mr. Saadie's house collapsed with it, he said. Pausing from his work, Mr. Saadie said he had been suspicious when the Americans had come to Iraq 15 months ago but was inclined to wait a year to see what they could accomplish. In that time, he said, he had grown steadily disappointed as the strife and violence spread and grew. Before they destroyed his home, Mr. Saadie said, several soldiers had used his toilet, leaving bits of tissue paper all about the floor.
Gays/Islam: Andrew Sullivan highlighted a passage by an Islamic cleric saying bun gays and asking why the gay establishment says nothing. Simple, you have two classes of people considered a minority by the left that must be protected(the way they use to feel about us black people), and you want one set to bash the other and putting down their religious beliefs? Not going to happen, I would be surprised if this got any play in the mainstream liberal press because its not a "religious right wingnut" saying it. EU: EU President Romano Prodi calling for radical change in the EU economic policy to meet the goals set by the Lisbon strategy pass America and be the best and biggest economy in the world. This won't happen, the will and necessary balls by everyone to do the changes needed is not there. Media Circle Jerk: Apology by the New York Times by not being left enough..I mean tough enough in their WMD reporting, LATIMES and other critics applaud, USATODAY, who had their false reporting scandal with Jack Kelly, being a bit smary about the apology, Editor and Publisher, the INFORMATION AUTHORITY FOR THE NEWSPAPER INDUSTRY! say yeah okay, but gunning for Judith Miller. Just a whole bunch backslapping and false importance going around. Worker incentive: Danish company giving its workers free subscriptions to porn sites to surf so they can relax.



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