Thursday, May 06, 2004

Germany: Unemployment went up again and Germany's budget may not be balanced till 2010. Islam: In Hamtramck, Michigan , a petition by an Islamic center is causing problems as people do not want the call to prayer to be broadcasted, the Muslims argument is the broadcast of the call is the same as church bells and just the natural tension of old and new immigrants. Maybe, but the call to prayer is beyond just the sounds of church bells and the way it is being "pushed" to acceptance is bound to cause friction. But at the end of the article was something as an immigrant to the America and one side of my family Muslim from Trinidad just irritated me. "Like others in his mosque, Musad said, he was drawn to the Muslim community here not for its engagement with the rest of America, but for its distance. "What attracted me was seeing school girls with veils and burkas," he said. "It's more authentic here than in New York, more roots. There's village life." First of all, I don't care what country you migrant too, assimilation ought to be your first objective, not saying you cancel out who you are but at least have the decency to try and fit in America and ADD to the American cultural landscape, not cut yourself off from it. Disney: The controversy over Disney refusing to distribute lefty wacko Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 911 is getting bigger, which has to make Moore happy, since he will have no problems getting a new distributor and the pub over the film will be happily talked about in the media. Goreyvision: Al Gore getting blasted by Cable owners about his new cable network, the industry is still not over Gore helping bringing in cable regulations. Canada: America is not the only place where gas prices is becoming a political issue. France: Visit by President Bush to commerorate 60th anniversary of D-Day seen as a chance by the French to strengthen ties again.

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