Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Health Care: Socialized Health Care doesn't come cheap as the French Government showed plans to save a system losing €23,000 a minute and hoping it changes consumer behavior like treatment shopping. Ontario Canadian Liberals broke a campaign promise to not raise taxes by making a $9 billion dollar tax grab over 4 years, including a "health premium" worth $300 to $900 canadian to put into the health system. Surprisingly, feedback has not been too kind about it. Trinidad: Big corruption scandal involving millions of dollars in the building of the new national airport. Now, being from Trinidad, I would have been shocked if there was no corruption when it comes to a big project like this. If you ever have to build something of any importance in Trinidad and Tobago, just earmark off the sheet something labeled "Party Money". China: Someone in the chinese press relations has been watching too many wrestling promos, on the eve of the President of Taiwan's inauguration, China claims its ready to stop economic growth, cut US/China ties and say bye to the Olympic Games just to destroy any move of independence by Taiwan. Iraq: Gerhard Schroeder for whatever reason put out a "plan" calling for Muslim countries to send troops to Iraq instead of NATO troops. Schroeder cannot be this goofy to think Iraqis would be happy with this. Arab countries are not exactly cosy with each other to begin with. The Head of the Arab League said the plan was stupid while Iraq is under America control and even after the handover, not a helluva support from the league. United Nations: UN security chief takes up early retirement. Amazing people just taking early retirments from the United Nations all of a sudden.



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