Sunday, May 09, 2004

South Africa: SA men are the laziest men in the world, looks good on a travel brochure. Middle East: From the Toronto Star, or as I call it the Toronto Pravda comes this idiotic editorial. If America leaves Iraq in defeat, the Arab world which has been "humiliated and helpless" all these years by the West and everyone else in world, would feel better about themselves,on the road to try and achieve democracy. I don't know if I should laugh or feel horror that there is someone who actually thinks of nonsense like this as a serious option. Spain: Spanish troops returning home are not happy about how their return was handle or the reasons behind it. Iraqi Abuse Scandal: I have only this to say about it, Its an embrassment and smear on America and its armed forces, I am not naive enough to think there aren't interrogation techniques being used that some would find awful, but these techniques are needed to get information out of people that is useful to fight terrorism and/or insurgents all around the world including Iraq. What happened here is it went way way way over the line. Now, I do have a problem with reading Sob stories like this in USATODAY and various online/print/TV pundits who imply America should just take the fetal position, beg for forgiveness from everyone and their mother around the world. If you get rid of rumsfeld and others, it would also help. All of this and other various suck-up techniques would not work. Here is what should be done, there should be righteous anger about this, find the people responsible and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. Thats it. The other argument is that our moral high ground we have is gone forever, which is another weak line of thinking. It would truly be gone if we did nothing and acted like Sudan. Congo: Yet another failed UN "peacekeeping" mission in the making in Congo. UN also claimed to kill 10 militiamen after a patrol was attacked. UN/Eritrea: UN being accused by the country of Eritrea of serious crimes by UN peacekeeper troops, including an accusation of Irish peacekeepers of using prostitutes young as 15 years old. Finally, turn up those speakers.. Live Action Kenya!



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