Saturday, June 26, 2004

Canadian Elections: Dead heat between Conservatives and Liberals, even Paul Martin, liberal leader is conciding that it will be a minority government and is now shoring up his side as much as he can, all this after blowing a 13 point lead over the Conservatives. France: The Chirac/Sarkozy feud is heating up! Chirac basically forced to give way to Sarkozy can have a shot at being the new leader of the UMP party. Sarkozy wants Chirac job, Chirac hates him but after two elections duds by his party, he is wounded and Sarkozy is moving in for the kill. He is one of the most popular politicians in France and it boils down to this for many people in the UMP and even other parties.

Chirac: Old and Busted. Sarkozy: New Hotness.
North/South Korea: This nytimes story on the improving ties between both countries if only because of how ignorance plays into. You have a younger generation of Koreans who have not been taught the history of the conflict between the north and the south,and think that North Korea is not a military threat anymore the government for the last couple of years has pulled a french in doing everything not to offend the north. So now you have people looking at the U.S. as the reason why there is no unification. First thing that bugs me is that for a younger generation in the most wired country in the world, you would think via the Internet they would know their history. Second is if the troops are not going to be needed, pull them all out, North Korea is not a threat anymore. Lets see how fast people say "JUST KIDDING!" New York City: This is why every now and then it pops into my mind, that I never want to be judge by a jury of my peers if I'm on trial. Far as I'm concern between the lawyer, the two plantiffs and the jury, they are sucking up valuable oxygen that would be better served going to cockroaches.



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