Tuesday, June 01, 2004

EU: New Europe is making France and Germany unhappy with offering low corporate taxes which is attracting companies to move eastward. Germany: Gerhard Schroeder and the SPD by poll results so far show them getting a beating in the EU elections and some local elections which will further show how unhappy German voters are with him. UK: The Times reporting Britain may back France/Germany into overturning the ban of weapon sales to China and in return China will sign an agreement "guaranteeing" human rights. Officials also believe that some EU code of conduct will stop China from abusing the weapons. Yeah..okay, this will work great. Saudi Attack: The Saudi Security force is accused of allowing three of the terrorists who carried out the attack on a resort that killed 22 people to escape because of fears they would blow up the building. Now Saudi leaders are trying to reassure people everything is okay. Here is the gist of everything going on, the Saudi security teams are not ready to deal with this, there are traitors in the security forces who are helping the terrorists, more attacks will becoming because the attacks so far are getting the desired results, which is fear and foreigners leaving the country who are needed to help run businesses in Saudi Arabia. This is the beginning of a power struggle in the country for control.



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