Saturday, June 12, 2004

School Vouchers: Okay, 2 days ago, the Washington Post posted a story saying the voucher program in D.C. had more vouchers than applicants. Now AP says the voucher system is being "overwhelmed". Someone is lying or going to get a talking too by their editors if this story gets around. President Reagan and Blacks: Last week with all the praise Reagan got, you heard the old whining leftist claims against Reagan allowing Aids, homeless people all of a sudden appeared during his two terms in office,and blacks were "hurt" by Reagan's policies. Op-ed by Joseph Perkins from the San Diego Tribune puts that nonsense to rest. Sweden: This edition of W.W.S.G.D(what would socialist governments do) Sweden has large taxes on alcohol sales, because the EU forced them to relax import laws, sales of lesser taxed alcohol being imported to Sweden is larger than sales of alcohol domestically. What would be the logical decision in a pure business sense? Now take the opposite of that answer and you are now the swedish government. Not surprisingly, the EU told them to take a flying leap.



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