Thursday, June 24, 2004

UKIP: Kilroy-Silk and the rest of the EU wreckers make it to Brussels. Canadian Elections: Conservatives and Liberals are tied in this poll, and other polls have liberals in front by couple of percentage points with only 5 days left to campaign. Its shocking to see any party challenge the liberals at this point when the beginning of the year, it looked like another liberal run-away. EU: France's finance minister Nicolas Sarkozy downplaying the France/Germany alliance in the new expanded EU. Once again, putting him in the other camp against his "boss" who he would like to replace in Chirac. UN: The U.S dropped the resolution for exempting US troops being able to be charged and tried in the UN global court. They could not get the necessary votes to keep the ban going. This is fine by me, just as long as the U.S vetoes peace keeping missions, not taking part in others and stop funding.



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