Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Asylum: Germany says camps should be set up in North Africa for asylum seekers, so the EU can study each claim. Good idea, but Germany and camps should never be used in the same headline ever. Joe Wilson: Justoneminute has been on mechanized panzer assault of Joe Wilson, now Wilson is running around writing editorials  and saying people calling him a liar are part of a Republican smear campaign. He and his defenders not only are moving the goalposts to try and explain away two different intelligence reports and various contradictions,  they are trying to create a new game.  Joe Wilson strikes me as a 70's lounge singer version of Walter Mitty.  If he told the truth, I think he actually knows very little and just embellished what he read or heard around him.  Now all of that is coming back to bite him in the ass.  Blair the Great:  I need to catch this on C-span, but from all reports, Blair  destroyed Tory leader Michael Howard  in a commons debate over Iraq, (press reaction here) and came out of the debate not only without harm but stronger than ever.  The Tory party hasn't been the same since Thatcher.    



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