Wednesday, July 21, 2004

BET/CBS poll: Poll says blacks prefer Kerry 8 to 1 over President Bush. No surprise there, but this poll question is pissing me off.

"...Black voters may simply have an easier time relating to John Kerry than to George W. Bush. When asked to choose between the two candidates, by a large margin black voters even think John Kerry has more soul than George W. Bush. "
WHO HAS MORE SOUL? (Registered voters)
John Kerry 64%
George W. Bush 11%
Both equally 2
Neither 12%
Someone explain to this black man why taking a poll question about who you can relate to translates to " Who has more soul?" in a poll of black Americans? How about next time you ask "Who eats the most fried chicken?" or "Who knows more about rollin on 24s?" That would be on the same damn level as " Who has more soul?".  I expect this sort of ignorant question to be asked on the Tom Joyner show when Tavis Smiley is on, not in a CBS national poll report. Whoever at BET helped out with this survey and came up with that poll question, go back to the BET studio and just make sure the degrading booty shaking videos keep running on time. Lets keep the embrassments in one place.



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