Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bloggers and the DNC:  John Dvorak  gives a mixed review to bloggers at the DNC convention and has not so kind words for the professional outfits who are running blogs.

"...From what I've seen so far on the Technorati convention blog watch, I'm not impressed. Many of these posts are vapid observations combined with simple Kerry boosterism or knee-jerk Limbaugh-Republicanist complaints. Some are simply an undecipherable mess. Hopefully a few professionals will come in and publish some thoughtful pieces before the exercise is over, but this looks laughable thus far. Then again, the pros may not fare much better if we look at the professionally written Hardblogger web pages run off the MSNBC site. See it here. This is a self-congratulatory blog that is best compared to People Magazine for content."
Robert Cox comes to the defense of the bloggers.
"...Credentialing Bloggers serves a different purpose. It creates legitmacy for highly partisan Blogs with highly partisan readers and thereby stokes the base without directly linking these Blogs with the campaign."
My view is that most of the blogging I have seen from the true bloggers serve their purpose as Cox says, they are there to be windows to their readers already partisan to begin with and give some of the nonsensical news bits from the convention. Thats fine, but its still amusing to see the "real" journalists have a hissy fit about it. Back to something Dvorak said about the news sites blogs like MSNBC. They are not worth the time, unless you really like to read Keith Olbermann whine about Foxnews again and again. Sudan:  US resolution on sanctions opposed, Sudan's Minister of Humanitarian Affairs(stop laughing) says no ethnic cleansing or raping is happening, the US and other neighbouring countries are plotting against them and the UN says they are short of the funds needed to help by $200 million.  All things considered, everything is going great. North/South Korea: NK blasting South Korea accusing them of kidnapping the 450+ refugees that have showed up in South Korea on flights coming somewhere from Southeast Asia.



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