Friday, July 30, 2004

Crime: Fat Women operating shoplifting ring in South Africa.  Star Jones not a suspect. Kerry's speech: I thought the speech was there, he didn't bomb, but he is no Clinton. He rushed thru the speech stepping over applause lines, not letting anything he said sink in with the TV audience.  He also had a bit of Nixon mojo, sweating and licking his lips more than usual. As for the substance of the speech, marcusb on the DVDVR board put it best "This speech was about 5 miles wide and an inch deep."

Germany:The Goethe Institute  tried a campaign to make young Brits think the country is cool and not Hitler, beer and football. It failed miserably. A spokesman blamed the British media for spreading stereotypes of their football defeats and  WWII. I hate to break it to Germany, but  you had Hitler and the Nazi who were responsible for the deaths  of millions upon millions of people. Its going to take a long time before anyone in Europe, especially the Brits to forget that and associate you with something "cool."

Sudan: That strongly worded UN resolution prepared by the US that threatened economic sanctions on the Sudanese government...made into mush to make other security council members happy. Why? They objected to the harsh language, instead we get this.
"...In place of “sanctions,” the U.S. resolution to be voted on today now warns that “measures” may be taken but only after a 30-day period and only if the Sudanese government has failed to control the mounted Arab bands known as janjaweed."



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