Wednesday, July 07, 2004

EU vacation over: NYTIMES reporting on European work ethic being rethinked. You can almost feel the despair from the reporter that the Euro way is not the right way to do business in a global economy.

"We have created a leisure society, while the Americans have created a work society," said Klaus F. Zimmermann, the president of the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin. "But our model does not work anymore. We are in the process of rethinking it."
PBS in the dumps: PBS is in a big financial crisis due to lower funding from all sources, lower ratings and its station partners refusing to go with higher fees PBS wants. I haven't watched PBS even on accident in years, if I want history, go to the history channel, behind the scenes entertainment shows you go to Bravo, news is basically anyone of the 24/7 news channels or the internet for world news. PBS is a tv model getting run over by progress.



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