Tuesday, July 13, 2004

EU/Muslims: The headscarf ban debate heating up as the ban in France against wearing religious symbols in schools starts in September. There is a level of dishonesty when women who wear the hijab say its a choice of women and no one is forced. Sudan: UN is considering sanctions made by the United States. Sanctions would be a start, only because no one wants to send troops in or do anything harsher at this time. Lying: UK Independent has a story about the upcoming Butler report which looks into the intelligence failures from the UK side leading up to the Iraq War. They mention Joseph Wilson and his claim about Iraq not seeking uranium from Niger

A former diplomat, Joseph Wilson, visited Niger in 2002 on behalf of the CIA, and reported that there was no evidence that Saddam had sought to buy uranium from the country. George Tenet, the CIA director at the time, declared that the Niger claim was "not tenable". And in last week's damning senate report on pre-war intelligence, a memo by a senior CIA official was revealed which said: "We told Congress that the Brits have exaggerated this issue."
which has turned out to be a huge fat lie, (more details here, and here.) I know the UK Independent is as left as you can get in the UK. But to run an article where a huge part of the story is based on flat-out lie is appalling but not surprising given the paper. Gitmo: Gitmo is evil! Gitmo is appalling! Gitmo is a crime against humanity! Gitmo is useful in getting information that stop attacks in Athens, America and other places.



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