Saturday, July 10, 2004

France: They are not backing down so far in enforcing the headscarve ban, they also warned those who try to incite the Islamic community will dealt with. Germany: Government plans to create an Islamist database on suspected radical islamists. Okay, stop the jokes about Germans and gathering information right now. France: France's answer to CNN/BBC is going nowhere because of lack of money. Of course, its amusing that this project was made because the French felt their point of view in world affairs was being ignored by CNN/BBC. I didn't know anyone cared about the French point of view. Germany: Upper house actually passed what in Germany passes for drastic unemployment benefits reforms. Unions are not happy about it. But no wonder the welfare system in Germany has gotten so bloated.

The changes mark a break with Germany's traditional insurance-based benefit system, whereby jobless benefits are linked to previous earnings. People who are unemployed for over a year receive 40-50 per cent of their previous net wages for unlimited periods. From next year such long-term unemployed people will only be eligible for a flat-rate benefit called unemployment benefit II, worth €345 a month in west Germany and €331 in the east.
Social organizations crying that this will lead for a rise in poverty and wait for it...children will be hurt the most.



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