Tuesday, July 20, 2004

France: Huge news in regards to the French 35 hour work week taking a major hit as 98% of the workers at the Bosch car parts factory voted to work longer for the same amount of pay. It is expected to make other companies look for similar deals with its workers .  This looks to be a trend that started in Germany when Siemens won concessions to up worker's hours to a full 40 or they would move their operations to Hungary. The addition of eastern European countries to the EU is giving leverage to businesses who say the shorter work week hurts them in a global economy, the threat is now they can shut down their operations and move them to a business friendly situation.   Gaza Crisis:  All those years of corruption, stealing and being a bastard is finally catching up to Arafat, Israel could not ask for a better opening  to leave Gaza faster, causing even more problems for Arafat and his group.  This is the predictable power struggle that was going to happen when Israel leaves late next year sped up.    Sudan:  You think there could not be new even worse angles to get to this crisis in Darfur, but now Amnesty International is reporting that Arab women are singing to get the milita men going as they killed and raped black women in the region.  Horrible.  Trinidad:   An idea by Maulana Imran N Hosein to have Muslim only villages in Trinidad and Tobago. Why?

"...Speaking of the plan yesterday Maulana Imran Hosein said it was born of the need to protect and preserve Islam from the ills of society such as alcohol, fornication, adultery, illegitimate children, homosexuality, lesbianism and murders."
  Someone in the audience at this meeting wanted to share his experience.
"Maulana Siddiq Ahmad Nasir, who spoke at the lecture about the spiritual dynamism of such a situation, said he experienced the life in two such villages in Pakistan. In such an environment, he said "no one smoked, or played music loudly." He described his experience as "exhilarating" but stressed that such villages cannot be established overnight as serious planning must go into them."
The Anjuman Sunaat-ul- Jamaat Association (ASJA) who has  accused Hosein of being a serious security threat to the country says this is unacceptable
"I cannot support and ASJA will not support Muslim villages in a multi-plural, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society such as the one in which we live," Yacoob Ali, ASJA president general, said. He said Muslim villages in this society "can only be divisive and we are not for separation." Ali said ASJA, the country's largest Muslim organisation, believes in living and surviving in mainstream society "and we will continue to do so".
Okay, here is my question.  Who the hell are allowing these types of clerics/imans or whatever into Trinidad and allowing them to spread their brand of garbage? A Muslim only village? That may work in some part of rural Pakistan, but this sort of nonsense cannot be allowed to even be tested in Trinidad. It is a slap in the face of everything the country worked so hard to bring together before and especially after our independence from U.K. in 1962.   This may sound a bit much to some of you, but I lived in a "multicultural" society in Trinidad before the word/concept got turned into the sappy BS liberal mantra that it is today. I am not happy to see this sort of element running around there.    



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Over a million people, driven from their homes, now face death from starvation and disease as the Government and militias deliberately try to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching them. The same forces continue to murder, rape and terrorise; and destroy the people of Darfur's villages and crops, and poison water their supplies.

This site's sole purpose is to try to save lives by helping stop the genocide in Darfur.

It empowers you to take smart, strategic actions to compel those in power to act. It also provides access to the best, most relevant and most upto date information available.

The situation in Darfur is dire. The choice we face simple. Act now to help save lives and stop the genocide, or watch as another chapter of injustice, cruelty and tragedy gets added to human history for us to read about and regret. Regretting won't stop the terror. It won't bring back the dead, nor comfort those left behind.

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