Thursday, July 22, 2004

Germany: Come on over Prime Minister Sharon, France may not want him to visit, but the Germans have no problems with him. Sudan: No surprise as Annan "urges" more action to stop the violence of the Arab militamen against the Darfur residents, but he admits that sanctions or military action is not going to happen in the near future.  Tony Blair is not waiting to see what happens, he has ordered plans for any possible military action. Sandy "socks" Berger: New York Daily news reporting Berger would ask the guards to leave him along(against the rules) and take lots of bathroom breaks(flushing papers down the toilet?) that caused suspicious. New York Times is trying their best to turn this around from Berger and imply the White House leaked that he was under investigation. Washington Post reporting the archive staff was on to Berger and marked documents to make them easier to track and see what was missing.  This boils down to what was so important in those papers  that he would risk  having this happen to him and how was he so stupid to think he would get away with it?    



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