Monday, July 26, 2004

Iran/EU: So much for  EU dipomatic pressure being the best way to deal with Iran and its nuclear capability. Iran is not stupid.

"However, diplomats said senior officials from the "EU-3" - Britain, France and Germany - would try to coax Teheran back to the path of co-operation at a secret meeting in Paris on Thursday. Their chances of success seem slim, however, because Teheran now appears to have calculated that America is paralysed by the presidential election campaign and that Europe is too divided to exert real pressure."
France: Yet another roadblock thrown up by Chirac on having NATO help train Iraqi security forces.
"Diplomats said France, which joined hands with Germany in opposition to last year's U.S.-led war on Baghdad, does not want to hand U.S. President George W. Bush a show of international support for his Iraq policy ahead of the November U.S. election."
Sudan: EU is now pushing for sanctions against Sudan for failing to stop the killing in Darfur, this is a change from the wavering positions of some members of the EU to the outright rejection of sanctions by France. The stream of reports of the Sudan government doing nothing to stop the killings from the UN, from human rights groups, news agencies and worldwide pressure from other countries are in play here. The EU can't find themselves looking to be obstructionists using the same diplomat speak that has failed in Iran.

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