Friday, July 30, 2004

Kerry: U.S. Marines don't like their lunch being interrupted or they know about Kerry's anti-war history.

Kerry and his vice presidential running mate, John Edwards (news - web sites), were accompanied by both their families, as well as Hollywood heart throb Ben Affleck -- doing a bit of goodwill stumping.

Earlier, their bus convoy pulled over at a Wendy's fast food restaurant for a photo opportunity lunch that provided an awkward moment.

Spotting a group of US Marines, Kerry, who has made his Vietnam War service a cornerstone of his campaign, went over to chat. The Marines, who all turned out to be staunch Bush reporters, were not impressed.

"He imposed on us and I disagree with him coming over here shaking our hands," one of them told reporters afterwards. "I'm 100 percent against" Kerry, he said. "We support our commander-in-chief 100 percent."

Pic of the meeting Here



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