Friday, July 30, 2004

Sudan:  UN sets a deadline for Sudanese government to do something, 30 days and then they will consider even more stuff! None of which will pass when serious sanctions are finally put on the table. Its a nice sleight of hand.  Arab League is complaining this is just another move for the U.S. to take down another Arab country.  What would be surprising if the Arab League actually did something worth a damn like stopping the raping and killing in Darfur for once. One reporter is not buying the league's nonsense.

"But for Kamel Labidi, a journalist who formerly worked at Amnesty International, it is the Arab world which should be accused of applying double standards in dealing with Darfur. "The Arab world, relentless in its condemnation of western behavior in Iraq and the occupied Palestinian territories, has with few exceptions, turned a blind eye to the devastation in Darfur," he wrote in Britain's Parliamentary Brief. "



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