Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Diversity: Duncan Black(Atrios) is upset in that P.C. liberal can't we all just get along we are the world sensitive manner that the left gets over this shirt worn by Glenn Reynolds(Instapundit). Duncan's complaint is this.

"The caption is "celebrate diversity." The colors of the caption are commonly used pan-African colors: red, yellow, and green. While, for many, the "joke" (though, I'm not sure why it's funny) is that here diversity is a diversity of guns. Ha ha. But, look, the clear message here is that the way to celebrate diversity, particularly that pan-African diversity, is to buy a bunch of f***ing guns. In other words, celebrate diversity by arming yourself."

Now as a Black Muslim Christian Jamaican/Trini(Indian) mix, I'm more than qualified to speak on "Pan-African diversity" being made a joke. I emailed the site in question to admonish them for not having the different color caption and nothing on the back of the black shirt as they do on the white version. This is clear discrimination on their part as everyone knows black t-shirts looks much better than a plain old white t-shirt. I ordered the black version of the t-shirt under protest.

If you want more detailed and factual information on "Pan-African diversity" than you will get from the likes of Atrios, Black people love us is a better bet.

More on this idiocy here and Justoneminute.



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