Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Education: The continuing efforts to pussify American children continues, now to protect the self esteem of the kiddies, Red marks are out and purple marks are in! Kerry/Swiftboats: Yes, I know the Media are the whores of John Kerry willing to do whatever to make sure their boy makes to the White House. But, this piece in Editor and Publisher is hysterical with a money quotes from Alison Mitchell, deputy national editor NY Times and Chicago Tribune's managing editor Jack Shea. Just two of the most astouding quotes from old media.

Alison Mitchell, deputy national editor for The New York Times (Click for QuikCap), points to the changing media landscape and its impact on what newspapers choose to cover. "I'm not sure that in an era of no-cable television we would even have looked into it," she said.
"There are too many places for people to get information," O'Shea said. "I don't think newspapers can be the gatekeepers anymore -- to say this is wrong and we will ignore it. Now we have to say this is wrong, and here is why."
How dare you people actually hunt for information on your own, the newspapers are your protectors from this story! The whole piece is John Kerry is right and everyone else wrong, even though the evidence doesn't even come close to proving that. But it does show the groupthink, its moved from "Okay, we can't bury this" to " Let discredit them as much as possible!" I haven't seen major papers and the 2nd tier papers reference each other as much as I have seen this week to try and kill off this story. Editor and Publisher also showed their bias in covering their story, but that is too be expected from a site that covers old media. You have to protect your boys...right? I won't even get into how all this self examination did not go on about the Bush AWOL story.



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