Sunday, August 01, 2004

EU/Iran: No progress made during talks last week on having Iran stop their nuke work. Rwanda/France: Rwandan Government setting up an indepedent inquiry to see if France had any role in mass killings that took place 10 years ago. EU labor: Bloomberg article on the gradual movement in Europe to work more hours for a little more or no raise in pay.

``It's the beginning of a sea-change'' in the way the German economy functions, said Josef Trettenbach, vice president for finance at Amberg, Germany-based Grammer. ``People realize that it's more important to have jobs than to have more leisure time.''
Canada: To protest continuing labor problems with their wages, during Labor Day weekend Canadian border guards won't collect taxes on goods coming from America. IRS workers, are you listening? West Bank: More signs that Arafat hold on power is slipping away as protests and kidnappings are taking place in the West Bank.



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