Monday, August 30, 2004

France: The two French journalists who have been kidnapped are getting appeals from various Muslim groups in the middle east who considers France a "friend" basically because it opposes America at every turn. But the press reaction in France shows just how stupid the French are in thinking because they opposed America and didn't send troops to Iraq , they should somehow be spared. Le Figaro: Given its position as the leading opponent to the US-led war on Iraq, the paper says, "France could have hoped to be spared this cruel ordeal". Swiss Tribune de Geneve: "In addition and most importantly," it stresses, "France's attitude in the Iraq conflict should give it powerful leverage in Baghdad." Let me clear this up for you clueless morons in France. These are radical Islamic fundamentalists, they don't care about your opposition to the Iraq war. You offended Islam with your headscarf ban, that is enough for them to act. No one is spared because they ran away like cowards(Spain) and you will not be spared because you kiss Middle East ass whenever it is politically necessary for you to do so. Welcome to reality, enjoy your stay.



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