Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Germany: In yet another confirmation that socialism is out of control in Germany, I find out that having a Gameboy is a God-given right.

As part of its controversial attempt to reform Germany's welfare state, the chancellor's red-green coalition intends to overhaul welfare for the unemployed from next year.

Yesterday government officials confirmed that the amount of benefit paid to the children of unemployed parents, now €207 a month, would be slashed if the children had more than €750 in savings accounts. The plan, affecting all under-14s, has provoked bitter opposition from unions as well as from leftwing critics inside Mr Schröder's ruling Social Democrat party.

Yesterday Germany's biggest selling tabloid, Bild, photographed the children of five unemployed parents, forlornly clutching their plastic piggybanks, or Sparschweine . Under the headline You're not getting my savings' book, the children pointed out they had other priorities - like mountain bikes and GameBoys.

But this is the good part.
In the past companies have abused benefits by persuading older employees to take early retirement and register themselves as jobless. Irwin Collier, an economics professor at Berlin's Free University, acknowledged to the Guardian that many unemployed were "relatively well off", especially those whose partners had jobs.
Come on, lets hear for Socialism. A Gameboy in every house! I would feel bad for Schröder if he wasn't such a putz. This welfare for children is only teaching them that no matter what the Government is your mommy. No wonder their economy is stagnant, the citizens have become shameless beggars.



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