Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Gibraltar: Spain whining that Great Britain has not shown a "clear lack of sensitivity" in participating in the 300th anniversary of kicking out the Spanish population from the rock. Spain's conservatives and right leaning press haven't missed out on gloating about this obvious slap in the face to the socialist party. Nothing says manly opposition that crying that someone is not showing a "clear lack of sensitivity." If they weren't such girlie-men, someone should have come out saying this is unacceptable, an outrage, doesn't help relations, anything but some PC fluffy wussy talk about "sensitivity." I also hear this is the same way they plan to deal with Al Qaida as well. Canada: NY Times reporting on what has been a big story in Canada ever since this was passed last year, the use of Shariah (Islamic legal Code) to settle disputes on certain matters between Muslims. The Toronto Star has more on this story in better detail here and here. Since Ontario passed a law giving religious authorities power to judge some civil matters as long as its voluntary and free to appeal in regular court. But the imams who pushed Sharia want even more.

Under the law, Jews and Christians have settled a relatively narrow number of issues without going through the courts. Rabbis have granted religious divorces, decided on matters relating to kosher dietary laws and arbitrated business disputes. Catholic couples have gone to priests to annul marriages, while churches of various dominations have settled disputes related to inappropriate behavior of ministers and monetary disagreements within and between parishes.

But the Islamic Institute wants imams and other arbitrators to decide a broader range of issues. For Syed Mumtaz Ali, 77, an India-born Islamic lawyer and scholar who is the driving intellectual force behind the institute, a Muslim cannot be a Muslim without following Shariah.

"Basically, Muslims live a different kind of life from the Western life, which is secular," he noted in an interview. "Everything we do is governed by religious law." For Mr. Ali, it is perfectly acceptable that a son receive twice the inheritance of a daughter and that a man have the automatic right to divorce while a woman does not.

This is stupid, only one set of laws for everyone, this is introducing a legal system that is not compatible with western civilization. It also will hurt Muslims women rights as peer pressure to use Shariah will be enormous. If Mr. Ali doesn't care for western law, move. Education: Home Schooling is on the rise with 1.1 million estimated. Media: If there was any doubt about liberal media bias and how it has changed in the last couple of years from that, one of the workshop was for Democratic campaign press Secretaries with this lesson. Via Instapundit.
"Lecturers urged press secretaries to confront what one warned was "media that are no longer tilted in your direction." Bullying was openly encouraged. "When it comes to the media," suggested Democratic strategist James Carville, "intimidation works." "Challenge them," added David Brock of Media Matters, a new liberal group set up to criticize conservative media outlets."



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