Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kerry: Simon Tisdall of the left falling Guardian says don't forget that Kerry is not exactly the dream candidate.

"The lack of an appreciable post-convention "bounce" in John Kerry's poll ratings is significant. The Democratic party's Boston shindig last month was supposed to present him as a strong, experienced replacement for President George Bush.

But Boston's main achievement may have been to highlight the limitations and flaws of Kerry's candidacy.

The eviction of a White House incumbent is always an uphill struggle. It requires something special. Bill Clinton possessed that indefinable quality in 1992. If Kerry lacks Bubba's bounce, it may simply be because he is not, well, very bouncy. "

Iran/EU: From the "what the hell did you expect department" Iran is now demanding that Europe backs them in the right to have nuke technology that can be used to make weapons. The diplomats were supposedly stunned by these demands. This makes the American case stronger for sanctions while making the EU look like dopes.



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