Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kerry/Cosby: Speaking at the liberal Unity: Journalists of Color conference, Kerry admonishes Bill Cosby for his recent comments about black Americans.

"I understand exactly where Bill is coming from in his comment," Kerry said, measuring his words carefully as he spoke to a convention for minority journalists in Washington. "It may be excessively exclusive in the breadth of it, in the sense that it sort of targets just the responsibility side, but that's an important side."
So what is the solution, let the Kumbaya fest begin
"Kerry said government and society are to blame, too, for not providing adequate assistance and protections to minorities. "We also need to do the things we need to do as a society to empower those people, have plans for those kids, to make the world safer," Kerry said. "It's all of us together."
Simplistic hogwash that the idiot journalists at this conference lap up with gusto, the opportunities have been there, the assistance has been there, Cosby finally broke thru and told the truth, that it's black America that is refusing to acknowledge the problems are mostly self-inflicted. Kerry being suck up that he is decides to pour on the white liberal guilt trip. Don't forget, us poor minorities need government help. Thanks Mister Kerry.



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