Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sudan: Sudan says no to the new 30 day deadline to disarm the Janjaweed militia and want it to be the original 90 days agreed upon with Kofi Annan last month. Various Sudanese officials said the charges of genocide and the deadline is being used as a run-up to an invasion led by America. Now in the real world, Food drops by air started on Sunday, that should provide some relief in the Darfur region. TV: Dave Chappelle signed a new deal with Comedy Central worth 26 episodes, DVD sales for $50 million dollars. Crime: Driver gets beat up for driving 18 mph in a 18 mph zone by a trucker in Germany and a survey has come out saying Germans don't know how to relax. Make your own judgement if they are related. John Kerry: Robert Musil has a roundup of the different polls that have come out since the convention that show Kerry did not get a noticeable if any bounce coming out of the convention. The Gallup poll has Bush gaining points when polling likely voters. While poll watching is fun, you can get the sense of what is going on for each candidate based on how they act in public. if Kerry's internal polling data doesn't show anything working, he will get more shrill at this campaign stops, same for Bush. But, to not get even a blip out of the convention has to be worrying Kerry. It is just natural to get it. But Bill Schneider suggested something else came out of the convention based on the Gallup poll on CNN's Late Edition.

BLITZER: So what do these numbers say about the so-called bounce out of this Democratic Convention? SCHNEIDER: No bounce, and that's striking. They show there might have been a very brief bounce -- I wouldn't call it a bounce, I'd call it a blip. Among people interviewed on Friday, the day after the convention, Kerry was ahead by five points. But then we continued to interview on Saturday. Those interviewed on Saturday -- Bush moved back into a slight lead of two points. And we are going to continue to interview people. But this looks like the shortest bounce on record. BLITZER: And is that because the country basically had already made up their mind? There wasn't a whole lot of room for undecideds? That's what the Democrats keep saying. SCHNEIDER: And it looks like the Democrats had a point. What we're showing is that before the convention, the Democrats were hugely enthusiastic about voting. Over three-quarters of them said they were more enthusiastic than usual. After this convention, the number of Democrats who said they were enthusiastic went up only slightly. They were already rallied. They already had their bounce. But what really changed is that the Republicans, the Bush voters went way up in enthusiasm. They gained eight points. So it looks like, yes, the convention rallied voters but it rallied Republicans more than Democrats. The only good news here for Democrats is Democrats are still more enthusiastic about voting than Republicans are.



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